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Coquelicot Asleep In The Poppies

Pretending to be Gay

It's Nich, Don't Panic! DON'T PANIC!
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I used to mod clarksonlove. I'll go back to it soon.
My latest project is capsgear.

Staying spoiler free for
Series ten of Top Gear
Season four of House MD

floydcoquelicot = it's pronounced "ko-calico".
Hi, I'm Nichola, good to meet you. Most people call me Nick, which is spelt Nich, to make it more girly. I'm 18, and I live in New Zealand. I'm very boring. Add if you like British comedy, spotting mistakes in films, and quoting from obscure shows.

I'm currently crazy about
Jeremy Clarkson, and Top Gear.
Stephen Fry♥ and Hugh Laurie.
Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Whiskeytown, and every depressing band that ever there was.

Other Loves:
Television Without Pity, Threadless, and RDU.
John Campbell, the little hottie.

For laughs, I rely on Married the the Sea.
I make icons when I feel like it. Also brief slashy fanfics.
I'm not picky about pairings, but House/Wilson is pretty hot.

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And on that bombshell...